Prior to to arriving at Attonburn, we decided to look for a breed of cow to take over from the herd of elderly blue grey cows that were here. A visit to the Luing cattle stand at the Highland Show, followed by a visit to Messrs Mcgowan at Stuartslaw made our minds up that this was the breed for us, and we have not been disappointed. Up until 2001 the policy was to buy the best five heifers at the Breed Society Sale to keep a herd of 40 cows. No expense was spared in the quest to buy the best available. These cows were put to the Simmental bull to produce Sim-Luings, the heifers being kept to supply the herd of 110 Sim-Luing cows. Following various changes in subsidies and a decision to the manage the farm without full time labour, the decision was made to cut the herd to 80 cows and change these to all pure Luings.  The number of Luing cows has subsequently been increased back up to 120. 

In 2012, we made two new stock sire purchases at The Luing Cattle Society Sale at Castle Douglas.

Craigdarroch Minstrel, purchased for 11,000 gns:

and Milkieston Master, purchased for 14,000 gns:


Pictured below is Benhar Commando.  He has been very influential on our herd, with a large number of his daughters being retained.



A new stock bull, Luing Huntsman, was purchased in 2008, and we are extremely pleased with his progeny.

5 year old Luing Huntsman at home at Attonburn in his working clothes:

Semen from Huntsman is available for worldwide distribution.

In 2009 at the Premier Sale at Castle Douglas, in conjunction with the Currburn herd, we purchased Benhar Joseph for 5,200 gns.

Notable sales to date include:

Attonburn Emale Messrs Cadzow for 10,000 gns establishing a new breed record price

Attonburn Grand Slam to Messers Fox for 6,000 gns

Attonburn John Bull to Winsterhome Farm 4,200 gns

Attonburn Livewire to Messrs Abott, Islay for 4,800 gns

Attonburn Lumberjack to Andrew Lyth, Sheephouse Farm, for 5,200 gns

Attonburn Maestro to Upper Chatto for 5,500 gns

Attonburn Maverick to RHB Hall for 5,000 gns

Attonburn Nijinski to Messrs McNee, Woodend, for 7,200 gns